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    Problem animating paths from Illustrator


      I need some text to animate from a thin script font to another heavier script font, but the words stay the same. I built out my starting font & ending layout in AI and converted the text to paths. For each character I copied path data from AI to a solid in AE, but on playback the vertices will animate in the wrong direction, essentially flipping each path. I've posted an image below.


      -I have 'set the first vertex' for both the starting & ending keyframes

      -I have tried 'setting the first vertex' on a different position on the path

      -I have attempted to reverse path in AI

      -I have tried mask interpolation, including all 3 of the matching methods, 'use 1:1 vertex matches', & 'first vertex match'

      -I thought that maybe the shapes were too complex and broke each character down into multiple basic shapes. I've posted an example of one below

      -I made sure each character had the same number of vertices


      What am i doing wrong here? Is there a way to map vertices beyond it's first? Or somehow reverse the order? The reverse order button in illustrator does not seem to translate into AE. I am running CS5. Thanks in advance for any help.