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    Flash player not installing correctly as different user, same computer


      I can view videos as one user on the same computer running IE9 windows 7, user is admin, but as another admin user, it keeps asking to install Adobe flash player, which I've done a million times, and it's still not working. It will not let me view any videos. Just a blank screen with "install adobe flash player"  I've checked the IE security settings, they are the exact same. I have unchecked active x filter, nothing changed. I have reset IE settings to default, still no change.  Firefox asked for adobe flash install, it went right through and works fine.  I can find the adobe flash program under control panel, remove programs, but not under the normal  start, programs, section.  Wierd! Any ideas would be helpful, I'm about top pull my hair out because it makes no sense.  This is a BRAND new computer, so all graphics drivers should be fine!