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    Want to change audio level across multiple rubber banded keyframes


      Using Premiere Pro CS5.5

      I thought I could do this, but I might be remembering my work on AVID.

      Once I sculpt the audio in a clip via rubber banding, I often want to adjust the audio level of all of it or parts of it (i.e. segments of multiple audio keyframes).  I thought I could just select the keyframes I wanted to change via pen tool marque and then adjust the audio via shift pen tool.  However this always seems to change only the single keyframes on either side of where I place the pen tool regardless of how many keyframes are selected. Is it not possible to select multiple audio keyframes and then adjust them all up or down at once?

      Couldn't find anything that addressed this in help or faq.  Am I forgetting something obvious? Or am I confusing this with AVID or FCP?

      Someone, please straighten me out.