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    AAC audio causes stuttering in live video stream playback


      I am using the Spark VideoDisplay component and setting the mx_internal bufferTime to 0.  (videoDisplay.mx_internal::videoPlayer.bufferTime = 0)  I am doing this because I need to have the absolute minimum delay in the live video stream.  I am broadcasting video files as a live stream using ffmpeg, through Red5, then to the client.  ffmpeg is not re-encoding the video or audio.  I am using h.264 video format.  I have tried encoding videos using Adobe Media Encoder and ffmpeg.


      When I have a video stream only and no audio stream this works fine, but when I have an AAC audio channel with the video, I frequently see the video jitter badly.  It looks like the video is quickly going forward and back a few frames.  When this problem occurs it will go on for some time and sometimes eventualy starts playing normal.  When the video is playing normally the audio sounds fine.  When I play the videos in a regular media player (like VLC) they play and sound fine.  Also if I use an mp3 audio channel I don't see the jittering



      Does anyone have any idea what the cause of this problem might be or how it can be resolved?