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    Class question for button movie clip

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      Hi,I'm creating an interactive flash map that will list 70+ locations. I want to link a class to a movie clip button that will be placed on the stage over 70 different instances(b1-b70). On roll over each has to display a tooltip with the relevant location info for that point. I created the tooltip movie clip which will display this info and placed it on the stage. The info will be included in an array. The TooltipClass(see code) is linked to the movie clip button, but it's not responding accordingly. The hideTip function works and the trace command in the showTip function is executed, so both functions are triggered. And I don't think it's a scope issue since the hideTip function works and communicates with the tooltip movie clip. But the tooltip with the information is not showing on roll over, and this is my problem. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.