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    My expansion drive was unplugged and all renamed files on Premier Pro are missing!  HELP!


      I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.  I have been working on a project for over a month, and this morning, I realized that there is a problem with it.  To ensure that I don't junk my computer up, I always leave the files I am working with on my expansion drive and work from there.  I autosave all the time, etc., but apparently, at some recent point, my expansion drive was disconnected, and Premiere Pro is telling me that all of my files are offline.  My biggest problem is that I renamed all of my video files in Premiere Pro, but I did not rename them on my expansion drive.  Thus, to find them would take me probably as long, if not longer than, my original work.  Is there any way in the world that I can save these files and the long hours I have already expended editing this video?  If you have any idea at all regarding what I can do, I would be forever grateful.   Note: I am working with AVCHD clips. 


      Please.  Anything would be helpful at this point.