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    Table of contents (TOC) as cross reference

    McShaman Level 1

      For some particular reason when ever I am preparing publications for clients they decide to customise the table of contents and not follow the consistancy of the automated TOC produced by InDesign. So where my design might look for heading levels 1 and 2 and output them as a table of contents, the client will in most cases pull some of them out of the list. After making alterations to the TOC and then modifying the document page order:


      • I am going to have to manually update all page numbers in the TOC manually
      • The bookmarks are no longer going to be correct


      It would be good if the TOC feature worked more like cross references so that any changes made to headings (such as wording or position in the document) were automaticaly reflected within the TOC without having to reprocess the entire thing again.


      This is why I am considering making a script to perform this process... create a TOC entirly out of cross references. However I do not want to put in the leg work if there is already a solution out there.


      Anybody know of anything?