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    file upload from form using cf8 file functions within cfscript?

      essentially, i'm wondering if anyone can give me an example of a way to replicate cffile upload using cf8's native file manipulation functions within a cfscript tag?

      more specifically, i am wondering if anyone had any code examples for uploading a file specified by a user on an html form using cf8's file functions (fileOpen, fileCopy, fileDelete, fileMove, fileClose, etc....) within a cfscript tag. i've done this a number of times in the past using upload through cffile, but i'd like to take advantage of cf8's new native file functions and be able to deploy the code within a cfscript block.

      i've found some simple examples of the file functions within the docs and online, but nothing showing me how to take a file from an html form and upload it where i want it, as cffile will do.

      thanks in advance for any help.