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    Document is licensed for a different user account...




      I purchased some eBooks from Word.com.au and Koorong.com.au book stores, but when I try to download the ebooks into ADE I am greeted with the following error: "Document is licensed for a different user account". This error happens for every eBook I have purchased from these sites.


      I contacted the websites in question, but they referred me to Adobe Live Support, who directed me to deauthorise and reauthorise my account, even to the point of signing in with a new Adobe ID. In the end Live Support directed me to these forums.


      I've also tried uninstalling and re-installing ADE digital editions.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      Carol Smith

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I hope you're enjoying the warm weather - it's cold up here in the northern



          The message you're getting isn't related to the ADE software. The ebooks

          you downloaded were obtained under one ID, while your ADE setup is under

          another.  The cure is to try to make the two ID's the same, so ADE will

          accept the ebooks....


          Hope this helps!


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            We also have this problem. We changed our email address in Kobo books, then created a new Adobe ID to match the new email address, then deauthorised ADE and re-authorised under the new Adobe ID.  No luck, it gives the same error as above. ADE seems to have authorized ok, but it is not matching the Kobo account.  So either there is a deeper ADE authorization record in our Mac library somewhere, or changing the email address in the Kobo account does not change the account in the eyes of ADE.  It is a pain since the problem is not accepted by either Kobo support or Adobe.

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              stargeezer60 Level 1

              Our problem is solved. It turns out that Kobo has to reset the license on your account if you are going to re-authorize Digital Editions to a new Adobe account. I went through quite a few emails before I finally got to a help desk rep who knew what to do. I mean, people do change email addresse all the time. Shouldn't this be front and center in the FAQs and known by all the help desk analysts? Anyway, once they reset the license and I reauthorized Digital Editions to the new email, all worked just fine.

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                I have read multiple threads on this topic and am experiencing similar problems.  But not near what I am seeing here.  I only use ADE to download books from the LIbrary.  All my other books I have purchased through BN.com.  I don't use ADE to read anything, so I don't care that I get the error that it is licensed for a different user account in ADE.  All my books still work on my reader - and that is what it is for.


                But a side note to this conversation:  All these issues are caused by the Digital Rights issues that is constantly applied to movies, music, and other digital media such as books.   The authors/makers of this electronic data are simply protecting their intelectual property.  It is unfortunate that the few/many that illegally pirate the information that cause the DRM to be applied.  If it was easy to move/copy the digital information then few would actually buy the music, books, or movies.


                Not an answer right now, but hopefully in the near future cloud computing will be a much simpler way for the makers to protect their data while allow us to switch devices change email accounts etc. without losing access to everything we have purchased.