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    Menu Links Not Highlighting Completely Once Authored To Disc


      Hi,    I haven't been able to find anything answering this question as yet - apologies if it's something that's been covered already..


      I'm using CS5, and I've gone via Dynamic Link to Encore.. All has been good - and it all looks sweet on the preview, but I've found that once on disc, some of the Menu Links aren't highlighting completely..
      For example, one named 'Program' - it'll highlight PROGRA, but M won't highlight..     Not all words are doing this,    but there are a few, and it's not just the last letter...  Little strange..


      Here's what I can think of as far as project infomation goes:


      * I've got the colour set on 'Default' for all of them..
      * I'm burning to Dual Layer discs and working in PAL
      * Menus are all made in Photoshop, imported PSD as Menu (each link is a separate layer etc)


      If you've got any ideas I'd love to know what's going on here