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    Gutter Value

    Pooja_IDDev Level 1

      Added a text frame with two columns,inside each column added two split column so i want to get the gutter value of split columns(value of inside gutter and outside gutter).So how to get these values Please reply.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Your other questions seem to have been about scripting or automation of some sort, so I'd like some clarifiaction, if you don't mind. Are you looking for an answer to how to calculate the gutter and frame insets manually (in which case I would probably answer they can be anything you like) or for what the default would be (inset 0 and gutter as specified in Document setup, unless changed), or are you trying to retrieve these values from a frame via script?

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            Pooja_IDDev Level 1

            i got the answer by the way thanx for your reply ...