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    Loading SWF Security Sandbox Violation


      I have  some problems regarding loaded swf files.  Iam loading the swf using Loader.


      I put my swf in my application storage directory,the path is


      file:///C:/Documents and Settings/chacko/Application Data/MyApp/myAnimation.swf


      I am loading the movie into a  movie clip the code is


      var mc:MovieClip=new MovieClip();

      mc= swLoader.content as MovieClip

      UI.addChild(mc)  //Adding to a Ui component and UI is Inside a Panel


      I want to drag the UI

      And when i click on mc  the following error occures,


      ***Security Sandbox Violation ***

      SecurityDomain 'file:///C:/Documents and Settings/chacko/Application Data/MyApp/myAnimation.swf ' tried to access incompatible context 'app:/MyApp.swf'


      I want to drag the UI Inside th panel. but

      I cant added any event listeners to  UI to drag and drop  such as mouse down,mouse up etc


      Any ideas on how I can solve this?



      Thanks and Regards