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    Map tags to style problem.

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      I have a problem with indesign that i cannot understand. On the picture below, you can see my structure. PARAGRAPH is the tag of the text frame. Inside the text frame i have tagged the text. The things that should be paragraph style 1 (bröd) is tagged "PARAGRAPH1". The things that should be  paragraph style 2 (bröd_start) is tagged "PARAGRAPH2".




      I use map tags to style to map the different tags to a specific style. It looks like this:



      When I run the cursor over the text I can see the tags changing to the correct one in the tags panel. But the paragraph style is always "Bröd". It seems as if the tags to style is not applied!

      The reason that I want to to this is so I can manage first lines better. I map the first word of a "new" line to "Bröd_Start" so that the first line is aligned flush left. Like this:



      Anyone has any ideas why this is not working like it should?!


      Tank you!