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    JPEG export preferences problems



      I have indesig cs5.5 and tryed set export resolution and jpeg color space. But in my computer i can't because this properties don't existe.

      In other computer this script read ok.

      below the JPEG export preferences properties.


      The script

      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"

                tell JPEG export preferences

                          set JPEG export range to export range

                          set Exporting Spread to false

                          set Page String to "2"

                          set export resolution to 72

                          set jpeg color space to RGB

                          set JPEG Quality to low

                end tell

      end tell


      The properties

      class jpEr»:72, JPEG Quality:low, Page String:"2", JPEG export range:export range, JPEG Rendering style:baseline encoding, Exporting Spread:false, parent:application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5", object reference:JPEG export preferences of application "Adobe InDesign CS5.5"}



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          absqua Level 4

          What was resolution in CS4 became exportResolution in CS5 (and CS5.5). Is it possible you mapped "Adobe InDesign CS5.5" to a CS4 installation on the machine it doesn't work on?


          Also: I'm not an Applescript expert (or even really competent in it), so I'm probably going to embarrass myself, but... Have you tried copying and pasting the script's contents into a new file on the machine where it doesn't work rather than running the (compiled, or whatever) .scpt file?