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    Help - hyperlinks in PDF booklet?


      This ought to be a trivial problem, but it is driving me nuts.


      I have a large InDesign file with lots of hyperlinks in it, designed to be pritned as a booklet.


      If I go to Adobe PDF presets > choose one of them, then check the Include..hyperlinks I get single page PDFs with the hyperlinks in them.


      If I got to Print booklet I get a PDF with all the spreads correctly imposed - but none of the hyperlinks work.


      So, how do I print as a booklet and include the hyperlinks?


      Thank you

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

             If it's going to be printed one typically wouldn't care about the hyperlinks.

             Similar, if you are making an interactive PDF, you shouldn't create spreads. +

             ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------

          = These are two different jobs.

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            InDesignprobs Level 1

            Thanks Jongware - the idea is to have a publications catalogue people can either download and print out as a booklet or click on the links to download the publications.


            However, not to worry as it was soluble: export as single page PDFs with hyperlinks in them, then print this PDF as a booklet with Reader X.