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    Storing information within a document


      Hi everyone,


      Is there a proper way to store information within a InDesign document?

      I would like my InDesign extension to be able to synchronizes data between a document, and an online database. So in order to do this I would like to store a copy of that database directly in the document most likely in an XML string.

      The reason I'd like to embed it in the document is that I want people to be able to share documents and not loose that data.


      I've looked at labels which seemed to answer this need:


      app.activeDocument.insertLabel('myData', someXML);


      But from what I've gathered around the internet, there is a size limitation of 4,854 bytes for a label. While it might be enough for most cases I can easily see the XML being too big.


      Is there another way of storing data within a document?

      Or do you see another approach to this problem?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

      -- Bastien