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    silent install of HTML5 Pack Dreamweaver CS5




      I have installed the Enterprise version of Dreamweaver CS. On first launch I'm prestented with a dialog box "" done silently without any user intervention.The Extension Manager will now launch and finish updating Dreamweaver" it then prompts to install HTML5 Pack


      I'm able to install manually by accepting the license terms.  Is there a way I can install this silently so on first launch it doesn't come with any messages?


      i.e. ""The Extension Manager will now launch and finish updating Dreamweaver""


      All all installsare done manualyy. I have created an MSI using the Adobe Application Mangaer  Enterprise Edition which installs Dreamweaver CS5 silently but after install I notice the above which requires manual intervention.  I failed to find a way to install this silently.


      OS XP SP3


      Many thanks in advance