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    Does the publishing wizard support WebDav?

      I'm trying to use the RH publishing wizard to publish content on our intranet server.

      Our helpdesk told me that I should use WebDav protocol. AFAIK, this is the same protocol that is used when copying/pasting files in Windows Explorer between hard drive/fileserver and http server.

      I can manually copy/paste files between hard drive and http server, but I'm unable to make this work using RH's publishing wizard, hence my question whether RH supports WebDav?

      I'm now trying a shareware program called WebDrive. This program associates drive letters (E, etc) to e.g. a WebDav server.
      That way I can use the RH publishing wizard with the protocol set to 'File System', or, even better, use WebDrive's internal synchonization feature that, in contrast to RH, also deletes old files from the destionation.