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    Programmatically playing the "next" video in a playlist results in the old video playing as well


      (Using OSMF v1.6)


      When a video has finished playing, my player will automatically play the next video in a playlist, after doing the following:


      var loadTrait:LoadTrait = myMediaElement.getTrait(MediaTraitType.LOAD) as LoadTrait;



      myMediaPlayer.media = null;



      --- proceeds to create the new mediaElement (ex: myNewMediaElement) with appropriate metadata, etc



      myMediaPlayer.media = myNewMediaElement;


      Invariably this has resulted in the new video playing normally, but the *old* video also playing, I assume as an element/player/container behind the new one. So you get two simultaneous audio streams.


      Executing the same sequence of commands with a user interaction (i.e. clicking a "next" button to play the next video) does not display this behavior.


      I have done some searching and I cannot find anything else to try; does anyone have any ideas?