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    procedure for importing pdf


      I am on RH8. I'm getting a message saying corrupted file when I try to import PDF. I found Peter's info re: this problem on his site as follows:

      07 Jan 2010Peter Grainge

      Importing a PDF results in a invalid file format or corrupted file message.


      Bizarrely you may get this message if you import a PDF created in a recent version of Acrobat including the one that ships with RoboHelp 8.

      To test this is the cause, import an old PDF or one created by another PDF writer.

      The workaround is to set Acrobat to save with Acrobat 5 compatibility.

      Update 27 Jan 2011. This problem has been fixed in RoboHelp 9.


      I need more info and a procedure for doing what is suggested here.