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    Some beginners questions/rants


      So I'm coming over from FC.  Most of what I do is multicam performances of events and I prefer brief crossfades for transitions.  I've played with the multicam monitor mode and frankly I just don't see it working for me, and playback is unbearably pixelated in 5.5 due to "the bug", not to mention the crossfades. 


      So anyways I'm planning on doing tradional opacity keyframing.  Here's my problem so far: with the combination of not being able to heal cuts and not being able to add effects to multiple clips at once, how exactly am I supposed to use this program at all?  As in every cut I'm often "fake zooming and panning"/reframing my shots, I have to either do incredibly tedious keyframing (4x for everything each cut) in the effects window, or do somewhat less tedious cutting my clips into shots and then repositioning/zooming - the advantage to the later of course is not having to reset it.  But then if I do it that way, I basically have no good way at all of doing any sort of tweaking to color correction at all!  Especially since this program ludicrously doubles effects when using "paste attributes" meaning not only would I have to individually paste on each clip but I'd have to go in and delete the old ones all manually.  This would take me hours.


      Anyways, am I missing something or is this the way it is Premiere Pro?


      And how the hell is there not a "move scrubber to next keyframe" hotkey in this program???