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    Kill audio on Page Turn from SWF video placed in CS5 Interactive SWF

    sclark14 Level 1

      I am experiencing a very frustrating problem that I can not find a solution for anywhere on the forum.  It appears that all similar questions have gone unaswered which scares me because if I can't find a solution, hours of work are probably down the tubes...  


      All I would like is for the audio track from a SWF video file I have placed in a ID CS5 interactive swf file to stop playing when the page in which it is placed is turned.  I have done everything one would logically do to get this to happen without success, including the most logical fix which would be to add an action to the buttons that turn the page to include Video:Stop as well as Video:Stop All, however, nothing I have tried works. 


      Is this a bug with ID CS5?   Of course the end-user can stop the video manually before turning the page, but I do not want to force them to do this, especially because if they simply turn the page without stopping the video, it appears there is no way to stop the audio at all without either waiting for it to stop and/or refreshing the entire swf document. 


      Do I need to write a separate script in Flash to kill the audio portion of the swf video?   I do not have the Flash skills to do this unfortunately, but could likely figure it out if need be.  If other simple solutions are available, I would be VERY appreciative for the help.