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    Why can't my macbook pro play back just 2 layers of AVCHD??

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      I have a brand new early 2011 17" Macbook Pro with 2.2GHz quad core i7, 8gb of ram, a 1gb ATI graphics card, and two internal hdd (I used the OWC data doubler to replace the optical drive with another SATA hd).  The OS hd is 500gb 7200 rpm & the other is 750gb 7200 rpm.  I have all my media and project files on the 750 and my media cache on the 500. It seems to me that this should be plenty of horsepower to play back just 2 layers of AVCHD footage smoothly, but maybe I'm wrong.  What is the bottleneck, & what can I improve? It's very frustrating. Another question, out of curiosity, is how much does the ATI card actually do when using premiere pro? I know it isn't utilized like a CUDA card would be, so I'm just curious as to what it actually does.


      Many thanks!