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    After Effects Minimized Render Crash?


      I am experiencing a very annoying issue pertaining to After Effects CS 5.5. I recently purchased the product (Production Premium CS5) and installed it on PC only to encounter a strange error. Whenever I do a preview render (pressing 0) and then minimize I then see the number of frames being rendered in the minimized window (this is normal). However, upon clicking the minimized window to reopen it After Effects crashes immediately with the error: After Effects error: "Crash in Progress.Lastlogged message was : <4924><ImporterMPEG><1>Error_printf:No Video Available". After effects gives me the option to save my work and notifies me to contact the Adobe Technical Support Center. I recently purchased this product I am disappointed that I cannot minimize the program while rendering, the program did not do this immediately, it started doing this a couple of days after I started using it.


      I have already tried uninstalling after effects and reinstalling and i get the same error everytime.


      My PC Specs:

      8GB RAM

      AMD 1100T Sixcore 3.3 Ghz processor

      GTX 275 graphics card performance edition


      Is there something I'm missing? Please Help me resolve this issue, After Effects is a good product.