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      I have a user-defined option that allows the application to start at OS login by setting NativeApplication.nativeApplication.startAtLogin = [true or false]. This works under Windows XP, but the same application on Mac OS X doesn't seem to work.

      I'll admit that I'm not usually a Mac user, so I don't know where to check to see what programs start upon login, like the Startup menu in windows. Does anybody know where I can look, or what I might be doing wrong? Thanks.
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          I've seen a similar issue that I'd love to be able to resolve:

          We have an application that sets startAtLogin = true. No problems with this on XP, Vista, or Mac OS 10.4.X. However, our QA group periodically finds that on Mac OS 10.5.X (leopard) that it will not work for some reason.

          At the moment, they have two 10.5.4 hosts - it works on one, but not the other, and we can't figure out what the determining factor is.

          And to answer the OP's last question, on Mac, you can find the startup items by going into the user control panel, selecting the approprate user profile and looking at their startup items.
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            I've got the same problem too: works fine in WinXP, but not OSX (my dev OS)... It fail each and every time.
            I tried to delay the call to the NativeApplication.nativeApplication.startAtLogin=true, until I'm sure that tha main document is on the stage, etc... But this has no effect.

            Any news from this bug ?
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              tzeng Adobe Employee
              What is the version of your OS?

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                I have a client reporting this issue on her Mac (not sure that the OS system is at present). Is this likely to be fixed at some point or is there a workaround?



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                  tzeng Adobe Employee

                  I am not aware the current version of AIR has any problem with startAtLogin.

                  If you have a problem with this, please file a bug at http://www.adobe.com/go/wish/.