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    After Effects saving as .GIF


      Hey guys! I just downloaded After Effects after I saw some cool tutorials, and I made a cool project for my website. But, the thing is, I'm having some technical issues. I need that project to be saved as .GIF, and the animation must repeat only once, not infinitely as other .GIF do. I can transform any movie to a .GIF that repeats only once using Camtasia Studio, but here's the problem, what movie extension can keep the transparency I want on my .GIF borders? I don't want a .GIF with black corners. If I save it as a PNG Sequence, I can't set the time I want between frames in Camtasia Studio. I know it's hard to understand cuz I suck at explaining stuff. Can you help me please? I don't have any idea what to do. After Effects can't save it as .GIF.