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    can this software rename and tag photos in batches?


      befor i shell out the $10, all i really need to be able to do is rename& tag photos preferably as a batch. i also need to be able to upload them to flickr & facebook as a batch but the 1st one is the most imp'ortant. can this program do that easily?? thanks

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          Serapth2 Level 1

          Don't believe so, frankly it's the wrong kind of program for what you are looking for.  I would assume the other Photoshop android app would be more likely to offer that feature ( although I believe it doesn't either ).

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            David__B Adobe Employee

            Hey denakel,


            Serapth2 is correct, presently there isn't an Adobe app for tablets that can do the kind of workflow you describe. For batch tagging and renaming the Adobe desktop products are the best solutions, Adobe Bridge or Photoshop Lightroom come to mind. You can send multiple projects/images to Facebook directly from Photoshop Touch, but not Flickr. Adobe Carousel (presently only for iOS) supports sharing to some additional services, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. If you're still looking by the time the Android version of Adobe Carousel is available, you might try out the trial subscription of that product to see if it suits your needs. I would venture to say Photoshop Touch's most common usage would be for image editing and compositing, the app is like a limited version of Photoshop for tablets.


            Hope that helps,



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              Haha! You (and I) WISH!


              PSCS5 will do this easily as will many 3rd party apps (on a Mac/PC). GIMP is free and is built for photo editing/mass file and tag manipulation and conversion but is nowhere NEAR as friendly as PS.