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    Can you see which timeline clips are being used in Media Browser?

    TheCoroner9 Level 1

      I'm a relatively new user and may not be familiar enough with cs5.5 but

      is there a way to see what clips are being used on the editing timeline in the media browser.


      I open premiere pro - Project is loaded. I edit the scene until it is finished.

      When I look over at the media browser, all my raw clips (some of which I'm

      using on the editing timeline) look the same - I can't tell which ones I using on the timeline.


      The reason I ask - when I fiinish editing a scene it would be nice to glance over at the

      media brower folder where my raw clips are located - easily see which ones I'm using because they

      are highlighted or checked and then delete the ones I no longer need.


      Is there a way to do this now?