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    Possible to Number Table Rows

      I'm using RoboHelp HTML version 7. I have many tables in my project. I would like to apply automatic numbering to the rows of each table. Is this possible? I tried selecting the column where I want the numbering and using the number tool, but all I got was the number 1 on each row. I could manually type the numbers, but as rows are added and deleted, I'd have to go back in and manually update the numbering. There must be an easy way to do the numbering.

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          MergeThis Level 4
          Easy? No.

          Unless you or someone else in your organization can create some fancy scripting (JavaScript, PHP, Perl, etc.), I think you might try the following admittedly kludgy solution.

          1. Create an Excel spreadsheet that has a column with the automated numbering you need.
          2. Save it as html.
          3. In RH, import the html file as a "holder" topic for the table.
          4. Style the table and then copy it into the appropriate topic.
          5. Delete the "holder" topic.

          For future edits, make changes to the Excel file and repeat steps 2-5.

          Good luck,
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            Cruella101 Level 1
            Since the information is currently maintained in Word, copying it to Excel and then back to RoboHelp will be just as much work as manually typing/maintaining the numbers. Drat.