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    Behaviours issue - Open Browser Window


      Hi All,

      Thankyou for your time, I have an issue and the client will NOT let it lie.

      Here is my link:  http://www.designd.com.au/Bluebell/features.html as an example.


      I have as you can see arranged in Dreanweaver for 2 of the pictures to "Open in a new browser window" using the Tag Inspector, Open Browser Window.


      In Chrome, when you click this picture its BEAUTIFULL!!! it opens up as the FULL picture, no borsders or edges it opens the picture to the size I alocated in the Behaviour.


      BUT try this in Firefox, Explorer, and Safari, and its very different.


      1. In Safari the window opens with a large area in white UNDER the picture


      2. Explorer and Firefox open the picture with a border FULL the way round the picture.


      Can you please help me!!  I would have assumed being that its an obvious situation that when one clicks on the picture they should see ONLY the picture, so there should be another check button for (or it should really be default) opening the picture to ONLY the exact size.

      For example, the Large pic of the Sitting room in my link above, is actually 645 x 430 px. In chrome its perfect, but as I said it opens with white around it in the others.


      Am I doing something wrong? I need to tell the client that its a browser problem OR I will fix it


      I am hoping I am missing another setting, which is not in the Settings box under behaviours in DW




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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional

          First, you really have to do something about the size of the images.  No reason that images of those dimensions are 120 & 200kb in size.  I'm sure you can do better on the compression there.


          Second to your issue, personally I'd scrap the open new window behavior for a Lightbox-style pop-up.  Both require javascript and the Lightbox tends to look much cleaner.  But if you want to stay with the Open Window behavior you are going to need to open an html page and zero out the margins and padding because what I believe is happening is that the browsers are adding their own margins and padding to the images when they open up in the window, thus the white space you are seeing.

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            Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Get the FancyBox Plug-in for jQuery




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