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    Element undefined in SESSION.


      Hi all, i have this problem of session element missing hope someone could help.


      It happens only occassionally but often enough to worry about. Neither myself nor my client could simulate this. I'm using CFMX7 enterprise on IIS6.0. Below is the error dump that was send to my mail box when this happens:


      Error Type :

      Error Message :
      Element mystruct.myvar1 is undefined in SESSION.

      Root Cause :
      coldfusion.runtime.UndefinedElementException: Element
      mystruct.myvar1 is undefined in SESSION.

      Detailed Diagnostic :
      mystruct.myvar1 is undefined in SESSION.
      The error occurred on line 104.


      When this happens the whole session is actually missing! Below is the dump of the session var when this happens:






      CFID=4676763&CFTOKEN=97421832dd674074-8E1D24D9-145E-DE36-F3759C184BD28 0D0&jsessionid=2430a3b64791$7Fd$3F$


      Normally it should contains the struct myStruct in the dump, but when this error happens it seems that the whole struct is gone. I have gone through the coding over and over again and try to simulate this across different browsers but could not repeat it, yet every single day i receive 10-20 error emails like this (The application currently expecting upwards of 2000 hits daily). The error message sometimes will indicate other struct elements missing, but the pattern is similar.


      Any help or suggestion is deeply appreciated.