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    AdvancedDataGrid rendering completion event

    pramod.rao Level 1

          I am trying to export an AdvancedDataGrid into PDF. This particular grid is full of renderers (itemRenderers as well as headerRenderers). The way I am doing this is to get a snapshot of the grid and pass it to the PDF function, then scroll the grid and again call the same function. The problem is when the ending columns are rendering images. So when I programmatically scroll the grid, it takes some time rendering the images, by which the snapshot has already been taken, leading to incorrect image. However, if I wait for sometime, then the rendering completes and the image comes correctly.

      Currently the time I am waiting is too high and also it is fixed. What I want is to get something like a rendering complete event, that the grid can send when the display is ready, after which I can do my operation. That would make my code dynamic and probably faster. Anyone has any ideas on how to get this?

      By the way, my SDK version is 4.1