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    selectedIndex doesn't 'stick' after function executes


      Hi all,
      I've got this problem in a windowed application i'm trying to code for school.
      The situation is as follows:
      1 datagrid with a sqlite local database behind it. In this datagrid I only show 1 column of the data namely the cocktail's name.


      Whenever the user selects a cocktail in the list, its properties are displayed in the 2 textareas on the right of the screen.
      I call the function in the datagrid with this code



      the code used in my function to populate the textArea is as follows:




      private var selectIng:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement; private function fillIng(event:ListEvent):void { selectIng.sqlConnection = sqlc; selectIng.text = "SELECT cocktail_ingredients FROM cocktails_table WHERE id="+dp[dg.selectedIndex].id; selectIng.addEventListener(SQLEvent.RESULT, ingResult); selectIng.execute(); }  // Functie die de opgehaalde ingredienten van de vorige functie invult in het textArea ingredients_text private function ingResult(event:SQLEvent):void { var resultIng:SQLResult = selectIng.getResult(); var rowIng:Object = resultIng.data[0]; ingredients_text.text = rowIng.cocktail_ingredients; refresh(); }
      Now, the problem is, after I choose a cocktail from the list, the datagrid seems to forget what item is selected. I do need the selectedIndex in other functions (like the buttons edit and delete.)

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      I hope somebody will be able to help me out!
      Thanks in advance