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    data Tip in Tooltips of sparks DataGrid

    Frank F._ Level 1

      i have a strage behavior with my sparks Datagrid.

      In my Application, i have a Button which opens a Popup containing a TitleWindow. In the TitleWindow  there is a DataGrid with the following code:


      <s:Scroller maxHeight="350" width="100%">
      <s:Group >
      <s:DataGrid dataProvider="{model.errorArray}" width="100%" showDataTips="false">
      <s:GridColumn dataField="name" headerText="Typ" />
      <s:GridColumn id="fStr" dataField="faultString" headerText="Beschreibung" width="255" showDataTips="true" />
      <s:GridColumn dataField="faultCode" headerText="Nummer" />



      The Problem is the ShowDatatip. For the second column, the tooltip works fine. Also column 1 and 3 has the right behavior, no tip.

      But when I click on the button that opens the Popup, in the middle of the DatagritHeader I can see a Tooltip with the label "data Tip" in arrow brackets.

      Where does it come from? How can i suspress this?

      If you need more code, let me know that.

      BR Frank