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    Camera Raw does not read previously saved XMP files (Canon 60D)

    Orhan Chakarov



      I want to ask if it is a real problem or just me doing something wrong.

      I open RAW files made with Canon 60D (Photoshop CS5, Camera Raw 6.6), then I do what a do (cropping, exposure changes, sharpen ... etc.), then I click the Done button. Camera Raw saves XMP files along with the RAW files. After this I want to do some more editing, I open the RAW files, but Camera RAW does not "remember" what it did just minutes before. I suppose that it is not reading the XMP files that it created.

      So is it me or it is some kind of bug?

      I don't have this problem when editing RAW files made with Canon 400D.


      Thanks for your time!