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    Automatic report - Filemaker form to Indesign




      I have a database set up in Filemaker Pro that i can fill in with Filemaker Go on fieldtrips.

      Now i want to remake a layout in Indesign of the report that i normally type manually (in Word).


      I export the data from the different tables to several XML files. These XML files are linked in Indesign.

      I want to make the text boxes resize automatically because sometimes a field contains less or more text than set up in the template.

      A also want to relate the text boxes with each other, so if a textbox shrinks (due to less text), the textbox below will move up.


      I guess this isn't that easy to accomplish because i searched the internet and "autofit" isn't even a standard option for text in Indesign (has to be done with plugin Autofit?)

      Maybe i'm using the wrong approach or even the wrong program?



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          macinbytes Level 4

          Probably nothing wrong with using XML, though having Filemakes spit out tabbed text or CSV and doing this in Data Merge may be a better bet for ease of setup.


          I guess my question is why not have Filemaker spit out the report in the style you want? Filemaker is a champ at spitting out gorgeous reports. There is a huge community of people with different templates. I'd check out your options with making better Filemaker reports. There is no sense in doing the work twice.