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    PDF images visible in Adobe but not Preview or Mac Mail's Quick Look

    Brianna Bigaouette Level 1

      I have a PDF that I am inserting an ad into. I copy and paste the ad from one PDF into another. The problem I am having is when I have the final 10-page PDF with the ad inserted in it, you can open the 10-page PDF in adobe and the ad will be visible, but if you open it in Preview or using Mac Mail's Quick Look, the ad isn't there. When I open the original file with the ad in it (that I copied and pasted the ad from) in Quick Look or Preview, the ad appears. I need to know why the ad isn't showing up after it is copy and pasted into a new PDF?


      files can be viewed below or at this address:



      "lanai3_Grand Jewels-001Winning.pdf" is the document I am copying the ad from

      "lanai_122211.pdf" is the document I am pasting the ad into. The ad is on page 10. The ad is viewable in Adobe Acrobat but not in Preview or Mac Mail's Quick Look.


      I am using Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 (version 9.4.6) to do the copy/paste/save.


      I just clicked the above link and the ad doesn't show up online now either. It is supposed to be in the blank space on page 10.


      Any help much appreciated!!!!!!