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    Split a single avi into multiple avi files?


      Hi there, totally new to PS Elements Premier 10.


      I have some VHS video tapes that I converted to AVI format.  I'd like to separate the videos into segments (ie; separate Christmas 1982 from Easter 1983) - and store them in multiple AVI files.  I tried to do this in MS movie maker, but that was taking forever.  I bought Premier Elements because I figured it should be easier; and it probably is, but I'm noob...


      I have split the video into the scenes I want.  I have added markers... but I am having trouble splitting the actual video into chunks of clips - ie; one big avi file would become 10 smaller avi files.  I am trying to watch these on a boxee box, so I do want the to be separate files - I dont want to do a "web dvd" output.


      I have tried this:

      • I dont see export functions.
      • I go to "SHARE" but it only lets me export to a single output.



      How can I do this?  It's for Christmas presents, so it's a little urgent - any help you can give me would be soooooo appreciated.





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Export functions are under the Share tab.


          Place a segment on your timeline, then use Share/Computer/AVI to output the segment as a new file.


          Once you've created all your shorter segments, you can delete the original file if you'd like.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            For partial Export/Share from a Timeline, you will want to use the WAB (Work Area Bar), and set it, as desired. See this ARTICLE for more info.


            As Steve points out, what once were "Export" settings, have all been moved to the Share Tab.


            Good luck, and the happiest of Holidays!



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              nealeh Level 5

              I mostly use Magix Movies on DVD for splitting. You split the track whereever  you want to end a split. You can then export the whole timeline  - an individual clip for each split. This is however commercial software.


              You might want to look at Easy Video Splitter. It's website still lists it as a paid for application but if you go to the order page you will see that it is FREE.


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                sboz77 Level 1

                Thanks everyone.  I ended up figuring it out - whether or not I did it the best / easiest / fastest way is up for debate



                I split the video into clips.

                Separated the clips into different timelines.

                "left aligned" all the clips in their respective timelines so they all start at 0:00 (just for simplification)

                Disable all clips / timelines (right click, enable = false)

                Enable the individual clip/timeline that I want to save

                Set up the work area bar so that it starts at 0:00 and ends at the end of the specific clip I enabled.  With the "snap top" functionality turned on, this is pretty easy. 

                Go to "SHARE" and configure my outputs

                Make sure that "Share Work Area Bar Only" is checked on the "Share" tab before committing

                It creates an avi of only the enabled clip, for the timeline I created.



                Make sure you set the work area bar properly, or you'll have a 10 minute clip followed by 2 hours of blackness.... did that a few times ha.

                Make sure you click the "Share Work Area Bar Only" on the share tab - or the same will happen. 





                Thanks for the replies everyone - let me know if there is a better way to acheive this in PE10.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The WAB is really a useful tool. Besides limiting Export/Share, and also Rendering, it can be used as a "time ruler," to determine the runtime of a group of Clips, or parts of Clips. I use that often, when scoring music to my Video. By reading the Duration of a scene, even if it spans several Clips, or parts of Clips, it will give me a readout (hover the Cursor over that little "box" in the middle), and I know how long to create, or edit, my music. As I use SmartSound often, this works beautifully.


                  Good luck and happy editing,



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