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    TOC, Index, Search content not loading in FireFox 3.0 +

    TanTurn Level 1



      I have created from RH 8 a merged Webhelp system (1 master, 2 children - based on Peter Grainge's posted procedure). It works fine from IE, and on my system, from FireFox 3.0 and up.


      The problem is, that when deployed at the customer's site, the TOC, Index, and Search content does not load in FireFox. All frames display (Nav, contents, and the top frame), but the content for the TOC, Index, and Search does not load.


      This only happens at the customer site. The webhelp system works okay in IE.


      I have checked and we are running the same javascript version, have the same security settings in FireFox set.


      I looked on Peter's site and implemented the redirect fix for FireFox that he has posted, but that hasn't seemed to fix the problem.


      They aren't running any special toolbars (like Google toolbar). I am checking on add ons.


      Does anyone have any ideas on what else I might check or better yet what might be causing the problem?


      Thank you,