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    Send form response to client

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      What I'm trying to figure out, and I've been reading the forums about this, is why can't I set up a form on a clients website and have that form response go to who it needs to go to? Assume I have the Plus account setup. If I'm working with a lot of websites I won't have time to monitor the form response and forward a link to clients so they know there's a response to read. For that matter, not all of my clients will want to have another username and login to read an e-mail somehwere else. For $200 a year, why can't the form submit the response to who needs to see it and not require someone to login to formscentral to view it? I'm currently using a WebAssist extension that is too buggy for me to keep trouble shooting but it does allow me to have the e-mail (filled out form information) sent to who's supposed to get it. If I'm a web designer this is just way too much maintainance for me to maintain. I hope this isn't confusing.


      It's as simple as this:


      • make form and post to client website

      • customer fills out form

      • form response gets e-mailed to client


      the end.


      Can Formscentrals Plus plan do this?