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    Audio is fine in Stand Alone .Swf, but in Browser Audio is Soft....Would my idea work?


      I'm thinking....grab all my audios....and blast the volume higher. 


      THE THING IS, I have mastered them perfectly, if i raise them any higher they will crack according to my softwares.


      When exporting the .swf I do not export at full quality.  I dumb it down to about 48 or 32kbps.


      It loses quality, does it also lose volume? 


      Here's the thing, I think increasing the audio will work.  The .swf embed in the browser will sound a bit louder, but will this be dangerous?

      Like, one day Adobe Flash upgrades the player to counter this, so then I'll be doomed?  See what I'm saying?

      Or if someone grabs the .swf and views it standalone, he will suffer.


      What should I do?


      Can somebody please help me?


      Thank you very much.