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    Setting up links in merged helpsets


      I've a series of Robohelp projects and I've generated a helpset (JavaHelp) for each one of them. I now want to merge all those helpsets into one parent helpset. Merging them is pretty straightforward. My problem is that I can't figure out how to set up and preserve links between the different helpsets. Robohelp doesn't seem to be able to handle such links between merged helpsets. I've tried browsing on the web for articles and found some stuff relating to topic ids for Oracle Help. But I'm dealing specifically with JavaHelp here. I can't seem to find any article that can tell me the exact (detailed) steps and syntax that I need to follow within Robohelp in order to be able to successfully set up links between merged helpsets for JavaHelp. Has anyone managed to do this? Thanks for any advice.