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    SSD Configuration ?

    Elwoodbluesman Level 1

      I have a dilemma.  I have 3 storage drives on my PC. My C drive (SSD) is used for O/S, Applications.  The other 2 drives are D for media and E for video-editing project files. The problem is I only have 2 SATA6 ports on the motherboard.  The drives on the SATA6 ports currently are Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB each, running @ 7500 rpm.  Should I switch the SSD to the SATA6 port and use the other SATA6 port for just 1 of the other drives? The remaining drive would have to be connected to a SATA3 port.  Or should I move both the 2- 1TB HDDs to the SATA3 connection?  Thanks for any info.:)  Elwoodbluesman