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    How to Uninstall FB 4.5 to Install FB 4.6?




      I would really like to use the features in Flash Builder 4.6, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to uninstall Flash Builder 4.5 so that I can then install 4.6!


      Adobe's instructions found here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/921/cpsid_92180.html   just tell you to remove the old and install the new.


      However, all of my versions of FB 4.5 were installed as part of Adobe Master Collection CS 5.5.   


      There is no option anywhere I can find to uninstall just the FB 4.5 component of CS 5.5!


      I posted this question on Adobe's Flash Builder Facebook page, on their announcement thread, but received no reply.


      When 4.5.1 was released in June which allowed us to output to iOS and Blackberry,  it was included as part of the Adobe Updates process.


      However,  according to the Flash Builder Facebook post,  this release (4.6) will not be provided that way.  Instead you are told to manually uninstall 4.5 and then install 4.6.


      Which would be great if there was a way to uninstall just that portion of the adobe suite! 


      I'm on a merry-go-round!  :-)


      Has anyone done this, know how to remove a single software tool from the Master Collection suite?



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          Hi Shannon,


          I'm having the exact same problem and I cannot believe your question hasn't been answered yet!

          Also, I expected a lot more people to have this same problem.


          I encountered an entry on the stackoverflow website, was that you?


               " I've flashbuilder 4.6 and I need to uninstall it. It appears to be missing the installation package, and as such it doesn't appear in the control panel->uninstall list for windows 7.  I have filed a case with adobe for help (as its a paid product), but after month & 1/2 no answer. So any suggestions on how to get rid of it including any links it will have to the registry or similar. It must be a clean uninstall as to install the newer version the current one must be removed and the newer version installation knows that I have it (previous version) installed already.

          I have tried the uninstall tool called Revo as well without success.


          This person answered his/her own question:


          "What I needed to do was to find the exact version of the software I used to install it originally. Then once I ran the installer, (for the already installed software) windows picked up the installation packager and I could uninstall it.

          Once removed I could then install the newer version of the same software."


          I hope this was you and you have found your answer already, but I will try this one and see if it works for me too.  I'm not sure yet


          Help from Adobe on this will be greatly appreciated!!!


          Thanks for your post!

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            Special_Powers Level 1

            Dear Shannon,


            I think I figured out why not many people had this same problem... It's just something they probably already new and took for granted but forgot to tell us....


            For you (if you still need it) and all other newbies out there, here's how it's done:


            Follow the uninstall instructions adobe gives you, but where it says "Select the product that you want to uninstall", click on your Adobe suite (instead of Flashbuilder, since it won't appear in your list as a separate item). 

            Then... (something you probably didn't dare to do, just like me)...choose uninstall.

            Do not fear. This action will not uninstall your entire Suite, but instead a window will open that will list all components of the suite and ask you which ones you wish too uninstall.

                         (NOTE: This window will not appear if you were already in the process of installing cs6 -in my case- or your new version of Flashbuilder: if you were, abort the installation first.)

            Check the component(s) you want to uninstall and uncheck the ones you want to keep.

            Then proceed with the uninstall procedure.

            Afterwards, you can start the installation of your new version.


            Good luck all!