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    InDesign Alt-PageUp and Alt-PageDown shortcuts not working

    Brad Grigor

      I have noticed in InDesign CS5 on both Windows 7 64-bit on my desktop machine and 32-bit on my laptop, these shortcuts (for Next Spread and Previous Spread) have stoppped working. I know these shortcuts have worked previously, but I can't stipulate exactly when they stopped working--perhaps with one of the recent updates.


      I have checked the Default.indk file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS5\Presets\InDesign Shortcut Sets\en_US\ and the shortcut definitions are there. E.g. line 90:


        <action-id value="0x1d000 + 33" name="kPreviousSpreadKBSCActionID"></action-id>


        <string>Alt+#Keyboard_Page Up</string>



      And line 133:


        <action-id value="0x1d000 + 34" name="kNextSpreadKBSCActionID"></action-id>


        <string>Alt+#Keyboard_Page Down</string>



      However, they aren't functioning in the program, yet all the other related short-cuts I have tried (e.g. Shift+PageDown and Shift+Alt+PageDown) are working.


      Any ideas?