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    TOC, Search, Index not appearing in navigation pane in Firefox


      I have a problem with a Help system that seems familiar with a number of other discussions on this forum, but I haven't found anything directly relatable to it.


      I have a WebHelp system generated using RH8. The Help has window-level context sensitivity. The Help system is deployed on a secure (HTTPS) server. When launching the Help from IE8, everything works as expected. However, launching the Help from Firefox (3, 8, or 9), the default topic appears and the Help is fully navicable except the contents for the navigation pane will not appear. The frame and the buttons (Contents, Index, Search) appear, but the content is missing. I can enter an Index term to search, but search doesn't return anything.


      When I access the compiled Help system locally (not from a Web server), the navigation pane works correctly within Firefox.


      My best guess after scouring a number of discussions, threads, and forums, is that it would appear that there is some issue with the Javascript affecting the context sensitivity and the left-frame functionality when deployed on a secure server using Firefox. However, I haven't come across anything that has worked as a solution.


      Any other avenues to explore?