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    where else are Plug ins stored and throwing things away

    Cris is Bliss Level 1

      Hello All,

      Last year I had purchase Dot Pixels and i installed it in the Applications>AE>Plugins folder.  I got an email to upgrade to the lates version.  It warned to remove the old version before installing the new one, which I did.  However, with the new version the computer did the installation.  Unfortunately, its not working properly, its showing up as a trial version, so I would like to remove it, but its not in the Plug ins folder like the old one was, and when I "Search" for it nothing shows up.  When I type in Dot Pixel in the Effects and  Preset panel, its located in a folder named RowByte.


      Where is it located so that I can trash it.


      Since I cleaning tihs out and I love throwing away things to reclaim disk space, I noticed  in my HD>Library>Application Support folder a Final Cut Pro and a Final Cut Pro System Support folder, I dont use Final Cut, don't intend to use Final Cut and I don't know where or how Final Cut got to be anywhere on my machine, is it ok that I trash them and any other applications that I do not use and have folders in there.?




      Thank You in Advance


      on a Mac os 10.6.8  using AE from the CS4 suite