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    Accessibility: Mark tag as an artifact in Arcobat 10.1.1


      Hi there. I'm having trouble 'caus the Hints for Repair in Arcrobat X, isn't updated - it still refers to the old menues Advanced and Options.


      Can someone explain how to do the following in Acrobat X (copy/pasted from Hints in Acrobat X):



      Hints for Repair


      Adding Content to the Structure Tree

      When content is not included in the Tags tree, you may wish to add it to the tree or to mark it as an artifact, since screen readers skip over artifacts.


      To mark it as an artifact, select the content in the Content panel, and then choose Options > Create Artifact.



      The problem is also partly that i cant see the objects on the pages - so i cant select them. But they are highlighted when i click the "Inaccessible page content" under Page Content Erros in the Detailed Report.