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    Professional Book Template


      Hi all,


      I am looking for a place where I can buy a book template to InDesign. The book template must be 6x9 size, it must have index, table of contents, chapter pages, etc...


      I found Abobe template 6x9 book but it is to simple. I am looking for something more complete.


      Any suggestion will be very much appreciated!



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          Grant H Level 4

          Hi M,


          welcome.  What would you say is your level of InDesign... also give some more info on the book (look and feel ... is it about food or engenering) , how will it be printed, how many pages ... etc.



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            MarceloCBacchi Level 1

            Hi G,


            Thanks for your reply. I do not have knowledge of InDesign. I will pay a freelance to complete and make some modifications on the Book Template I want to buy. Doing so it is much cheaper than ask the person to do from the scratch. I found some templates for $10 which are very cheap but they are not the size I want which is 6X9. The book is about Business.



            Again, thanks for your email!

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              Grant H Level 4

              Doing so it is much cheaper than ask the person to do from the scratch

              really, much cheaper you say....


              Look, I personally dont accept templates from a client as often the client wants so many things customised its sometimes easier just to style what he wants from the get go, how ever I do design custom templates for magazines on instruction from the Art Director (for a bit more than $10... ) and then sit with their GD once done (for one issue at least), which as you know each magazine has a certain "repeatable" style.  And I can understand someone getting a template for a self publication, but if you are paying someone surely they would want the template BEFORE they quote you on layout... just make sure you dont get burnt twice...


              anyway check this: http://www.ideabook.com/ideabook_templates.html


              Ps. is the book going to be for sale?