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    Problems Loading Flex swf into Flash swf

      Does anyone have issues with loading a Flex generated .swf into a normal Flash .swf in a non-trivial example?
      I have a customized flex datagrid type app that accesses some web services to populate the grid that is loaded by a shell swf that does a bunch of stuff on its own. The flex swf is only on component of a much larger application.

      We've seen some flakiness where even after getting the returned data from the web service calls the datagrid does not update. When I run the flex swf outside of the shell everything runs fine, however it's just when loaded by the shell that things go awry.

      I've seen this article http://seeing-is-believing.blogspot.com/2007/11/flex-components-in-flash-example-with.html and the comment at the end seems to lead me to believe that flex loaded into a normal flash swf isn't all that stable. Just wondering if anyone else has had these issues and overcome them.

      Thanks for any input.